L’esperienza immersiva di «QUIRINALE 3D VR» La ricostruzione 3D in realtà virtuale del Piano Nobile del Palazzo del Quirinale

Federico Capriuoli, Davide Colangelo, Luca Curto, Diego Fileri, Annibale Guariglia, Vito Mario Sansanelli, Paola Santarsiero


QUIRINALE 3D VR is a software for the navigation in virtual reality of the Quirinale Palace. It is the result of an innovative 3D reconstruction project developed by the Italian companies Geocart and Digital Lighthouse aiming to the enhancement of the Quirinale through the most innovative techniques of Digital Heritage field. The project, based on the integration of existing methodologies and novel processes
for cultural heritage digitization supported by computer graphics, has created a unique result in terms of user involvement, also by means of immersive experience.

Parole chiave

Realtà Virtuale; palazzo del Quirinale; esperienza immersiva; ricostruzione 3D; digital heritage; laser scanner; fotogrammetria; computer grafica

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.48258/geo.v20i2.1309


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