IL MUSEO PAOLO ORSI DI SIRACUSA. UN PROGETTO PILOTA CON GOOGLE. Virtual tour a 360° del museo e di reperti archeologici in modalità Street View

Elisa Bonacini, Giuseppina Monterosso


The aim of this paper is to offer a preview of the pilot project at the “Paolo Orsi” Regional Archaeological Museum of Syracuse (Italy). Thanks to a free partnership with Google Business Photos/Street View Indoor, we managed to map the entire museum, the only archaeological museum in South Italy that can be visited online on a 360° tour on a Google platform, with a dozen archaeological finds which can be clicked as POIs from the museum windows and explored, taking 360° virtual tours, provided with descriptive sheets. The aim of the project is is to begin to bridge the gap of Sicilian Cultural Heritage’s visibility on the web.

Parole chiave

musei virtuali, beni culturali digitali, disseminazione

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Riferimenti bibliografici

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