Il tablet NOVA per la fruizione e l’accessibilità museale

Riccardo Lozzi


Since 1992, Orpheo designs and manufactures audio guides, tablet and information
systems for museums and cultural sites.
The Orpheo NOVA is the new tablet created for museums and cultural sites.
It is an hardware companion to any mobile audio guide application, allowing
visitors to take advantage of content regardless of whether they have a mobile
device of their own or not. The NOVA can be used as audio guide hardware,
video guide, GPS navigator and uch more.
Orpheo’s know-how in the field of cultural tour and visitor solutions has
always been used for the development of technologies and systems for disabled
people. Recently, in January 2016, Orpheo has launched the program “Art
for All”, which aim is to promote accessibility in the Italian museums.

Parole chiave

Musei; tablet; video guida; accessibilità

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