Realtà parallele - Sinergia di competenze nelle applicazioni di augmented reality per i Beni Culturali

Redazione Komedia, Redazione Aion Snc


Providing technical aides, such as smartphones, tablets, 3D visors for visitors to cultural sites, is an innovation which combining different technologies in order to offer experiences capable of bringing objects to life and suggesting further indepth information. In Italy too, experiences of augmented and/or virtual reality achieved through 3D reconstructions provide access to top quality scientificum - didactic content whose impact in communicating information is highly effective. In order to create these systems is crucial to establish synergy among persons with specialised skills: archaeologists, historians, engineers, architects, IT experts, 3D modellers and communicators, together with basic operations and production workflows.

Parole chiave

augmented reality; computer vision; archeologi digitali; realtà immersiva; sinergie di competenze

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