Heinrich Dressel e i viaggi delle anfore

Stefano Fiori


Hubstract made for art set up the didactic apparatus and the multimedia
contribution of the Sala della Cisterna, the new hall of the Museum of the
Imperial Fora at the Markets of Trajan in Rome, with its new collection of
about 200 Roman amphorae.
At the entrance, the short film "Journeys of the amphorae and Prof. Heinrich
Dressel " tells the work of classifying the amphorae of Heinrich Dressel.
The purpose is to emotionally and empathically engage the audience. In the
main room, explanatory didactic panels give to the visitor a continuous crossreference between images, text and archaeological finds.

Parole chiave

Heinrich Dressel; musei; valorizzazione; allestimenti multimediale; tecnologia

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.48258/arc.v8i2.1454


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