Tactile Studio, artigianato digitale al servizio dell’accessibilità

Riccardo Leone, Philippe Moreau


Tactile Studio is a design agency for universal design in arts and culture. Tactile experiences are essential for people with visual impairm ents and gr eatly assist many people with cognitive disabilities. Tactile experiences should be included in every exhibition. Children, older adults, people with language diff iculties or fr om diff erent cultural backgr ounds..To name an audience who will not benefit fr om these designs is impossible. Pioneers in France, the nation's top museums have entrusted their collections to our expertise in inclusive art

Parole chiave

Musei; valorizzazione; universal design; accessibilità; modelli 3D

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.48258/arc.v8i2.1460


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