Post-conflitto: valutazione dei danni

Laura Pecchioli


One of the most critical moments of the post-war period is assessing the damage that the architectural
heritage has suffered. The area, amount, rate, and type of damage are essential information
for rescue, humanitarian and reconstruction operations in the affected area. Unfortunately,
battles tend to take place more and more frequently in urban centers, resulting from enormous
damage to real estate and terrifying human losses. Especially when the buildings are a refuge for
armed groups, they are greatly damaged by their gunshots.
In the design of post-conflict program strategies, circumstances are much more complicated than
in other post-disaster situations. The rebuilding of trust will lay the basis for long-term peace in
the conflict zones. Therefore, any post-disaster requires in-depth studies without underestimating
the recovery of the identity of that community. Knowledge of disaster prevention, mitigation, and
risk reduction strategies help plan and support communities.
In this short contribution, the intention is to look at a complex and current issue of the dynamics
linked to a conflict, including the detection of damage to the buildings.

Parole chiave

conflitto armato; rischio bellico; tecnologie; programma post-conflitto; drone; ricognizione strategica; immagine satellitare; telerilevamento

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