La Memoria Raccontata


  • Emilia Martinelli Hubstract - Made for Art
  • Silvia Belleggia Hubstract - Made for Art

Parole chiave:

Musei, storytelling, tecnologie digitali, memoria, giardino della memoria, attimi sospesi


Memory is the ability to preserve and retrieve information along with past
experiences. The projects "Garden of Memory" and "Attimi Sospesi" bring to
light, from the rubble of the Second World War, the words of the protagonists
and the history of Esperia and Cassino. Scientific research, storytelling and
digital technologies allow us to piece together, look after and hand down the
memory of these communities and lead it to future generations.

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Emilia Martinelli, Hubstract - Made for Art




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Martinelli, E., & Belleggia, S. (2021). La Memoria Raccontata. Archeomatica, 12(2). Recuperato da