That’s Opera un Nuovo Progetto Artistico e Multimediale


  • Maddalena Camera

Parole chiave:

Opera lirica, valorizzazione, luoghi della cultura, accessibilità, immersività, multisensorialità


Together with OperaLombardia, Aedo imagined and created the “That's Opera!”
project, a multimedia and spectacular traveling project to change the
narration of the world of opera and with the aim of bringing new audiences
- especially the younger ones - both to get to know and to inhabit their buildings,
and to approach listening to opera in an unprecedented way. Thanks to
the construction of sensitive environments with an immersive, multisensory
and interactive character, the complexity of the world of opera is told, especially
that part that is not seen and which consists in creating and rehearsing
the show (backstage and making of opera). What you see on stage is only
the emerging tip of the show, its indispensable and magical conclusion. Aedo's
main mission consists in enhancing places of culture which, together with the
experimentation of new forms and their accessibility, makes it possible to capture
and tell the charm and secrets of an art form such as opera. Among the
peculiarities of the intervention, in fact, the ability of Aedo, built over time,
to use narrative techniques, contemporary artistic, technological and scientific
tools and languages stands out, to transmit cultural contents, make them
increasingly universally accessible and bring them closer to the public with a
surprise of the unreleased.




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Camera, M. (2023). That’s Opera un Nuovo Progetto Artistico e Multimediale. Archeomatica, 13(4). Recuperato da