Una infrastruttura geografica europea il Progetto E.L.F. (European Location Framework)

Stefano Campus, Patrizia Nazio, Gianbartolomeo Siletto


Within the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) and the Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme
(ICT-PSP) of European Union was funded European Location Framework Project (E.L.F.) with the aim of creating a spatial data infrastructure framework
based on interoperability solutions, able to offer data and geo-spatial services.
The Project (www.elfproject.eu) has a duration of 36 months (March 2013-March 2016) and includes among its 30 partners most of the National Mapping
Agencies of the member states and technology partners.
The European Location Framework is a technical infrastructure that will deliver various online services for locating, accessing and using reference data from
across Europe - via a single point of access. The E.L.F. platform is built on the concept of cascading services which harvests data from national INSPIRE services and makes it available as a single pan European service.
This paper describes the Project and the contribution of the Piedmont Region.

Parole chiave

ELF; dati geospaziali; infrastruttura geografica; interoperabilità

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