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Archeomatica è una nuova rivista multidisciplinare, stampata in Italia, dedicata alla presentazione e alla diffusione di metodologie avanzate, tecnologie emergenti e tecniche per la conoscenza, la documentazione, salvaguardia, conservazione e valorizzazione del patrimonio culturale.

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Inside the Belt and Road - China and Italy

The Silk Road, originated in ancient China’s Western Han period (202 B.C – A.D 8), started from Chang’an (now Xi’an) and connected many countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa, and finally arrived in ancient Rome. The Silk Road’s initial role was to transport China’s silk, porcelain, and other products to the other countries, but it gradually plays a role in the cultural, political, and economic communications between different countries. On March 23, 2019, Italy signed China’s New Silk Road project. Through thousands of years’ communication, China and Italy have built strong ties over various facets. Archaeology is one of the closest bonds. The archaeological and cultural cooperation between Italy and China have created innovative and surprising breakthroughs.

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