Il drone a supporto della pianificazione degli scavi nella cava di sabbia della “Montagna Bianca” in Polonia

Topcon Positioning Group


The challenge of measuring with constant accuracy,
a changing and constantly evolving natural
scenario, such as a sand mine can be. Quarzwerke
Group, the company that owns the quarry,
however, has clear ideas in this regard: rely on a
partner, not only serious and reliable, but also
technologically advanced, who immediately sees
in drone photogrammetry the fastest, most effective,
but above all high precision, and with the
support of TPI, Topcon's Polish dealer for more
than 30 years, the new inspection techniques
of the sand mine, famous for the quality of the
supplied product, have guaranteed the mutual
satisfaction of client and contractor.

Parole chiave

droni; apr; survey; photogrammetry; accuracy

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