Multispectral satellite images to support the CIM (City Information Modeling) implementation


  • Donatella Dominici
  • Maria Alicandro
  • Donato Di Ludovico
  • Nicole Pascucci
  • Sara Zollini

Parole chiave:

smart city, satellite imagery, CIM, MULTISPECTRAL SATELLITE


This work shows the processing of additional information using high and medium-resolution multispectral satellite
images. The new information obtained from specific spectral indices will converge with the data obtained from
official sources in a single database, thus constituting a real parametric model of the city under study. An extended model
of urban planning called “CIM” (City Information Modeling) will be developed, to which it is possible to associate
information of different nature, which helps to monitor and manage the city.

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Nicole Pascucci

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Dominici, D., Alicandro, M., Di Ludovico, D., Pascucci , . N., & Zollini, S. (2022). Multispectral satellite images to support the CIM (City Information Modeling) implementation. GEOmedia, 26(4). Recuperato da




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