Il laser scanner nel panorama attuale della geomatica


  • Fulvio Rinaudo

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software, Lidar, ASITA


LiDAR techniques as a new standard in Geomatic applications.

Today, many applications fields can found a correct solution just by using LiDAR systems. The recent introduction of the full-wave form analysis both in terrestrial and aerial LiDAR equipment stretched out the accuracy and the application fields of this technology. Both acquisition systems and processing data software offer today a good integration between LiDAR and Digital Photogrammetry: the interpretation is more quick and the accuracy of the resulting 3D Models higher than in the past. In a few years new possibilities will come out from a different integration between LiDAR and Digital Photogrammetry: LiDAR data can be used as a good approximate starting point for the multi-image autocorrelation algorithms: the point clouds resulting from LiDAR and Photogrammetric correlations will solve in a professional way new application fields.

Riferimenti bibliografici

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