LandSIM3D: modellazione in real time 3D di dati geografici


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LandSIM3D, personal computer, AMAP


LandSIM3D: realtime 3D modelling of geographic data

LandSIM3D allows to model in 3D an existing landscape in a few hours only and geo-referenced offering great landscape analysis and understanding tools. 3D projects can then be inserted into the existing landscape with ease and precision. The project alternatives and impact can then be visualized and studied into their immediate environmental. The complex evolution of the landscape in the future can also be simulated and the landscape model can be manipulated interactively and better shared with colleagues. For that reason, LandSIM3D is different from traditional 3D imagery solutions, normally reserved for computer graphics experts. For more information about LandSIM3D, go to




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Lambo Srl, L. S. (2009). LandSIM3D: modellazione in real time 3D di dati geografici. GEOmedia, 13(6). Recuperato da