Caracalla IVD: un tuffo nel passato. Come nasce un progetto di visita immersiva

Francesco Cochetti, Francesco Antinucci, Claudio Rufa, Massimiliano Forlani, Giuseppe Polegri, Juliana Fisichella


In recent years, the number of visitors to archaeological areas has increased enormously and so it has become necessary to ensure that everyone can understand the ruins of the past. Information and digital technology are now playing an enormous role in disseminating knowledge, especially by means of video reconstructions and “look all around you” 3D vision.

Thanks to a special joint project by the Special Superintendence of Rome, Coopculture and the Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology of the National Research Council, this innovative technology has been put to use at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, now the first archaeological site in Italy that can be toured entirely in 3D.

This portable technology is straightforward, using a 3D headset and cardboard virtual reality.

Parole chiave

Realtà virtuale; 3D; Fotogrammetria; modellazione 3D; ricostruzione virtuale; archeologia; Caracalla; accessibilità; portabilità; scientificità; sostenibilità; emozionale;

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