Tecniche di Radiografia Muonica e Rilievo 3D per l'individuazione di ipogei nascosti


  • Federico Capriuoli


In the heart of the Sanità district, north of the mighty Greek walls in Neaples,
lies the extraordinary Hellenistic necropolis of Neapolis. Carved in the
tuffaceous hills that crowned the ancient city, over time buried by powerful
alluvial levels, it is an eloquent trace of identity and a peculiar sign of belonging
to Naples, the Graeca urbs. The growing demand for the use of the
national cultural heritage requires the adoption of technologically advanced
solutions, capable of optimizing both quantitative and qualitative enhancement
policies. The multidisciplinary collaboration is part of this perspective
which, by integrating the state-of-the-art methodologies of geomatic survey
and muon radiography, has allowed the celanapoli association an unprecedented
knowledge of the important archaeological complex.



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Capriuoli, F. . (2022). Tecniche di Radiografia Muonica e Rilievo 3D per l’individuazione di ipogei nascosti. Archeomatica, 12(4). Recuperato da https://ojs.mediageo.it/index.php/archeomatica/article/view/1844