GET COO TRAVEL: quando l’intelligenza artificiale incontra l’arte

Roberta Grasso


GetCOO Travel is an innovative travel app for Android and iOS that, using
image recognition, identifies monuments and artworks.

GETCOO, that developed this app, is a very promising startup that works in
the Computer Vision field. GETCOO developed a proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology named DART (Direct Acquisition and ReTrieval) that can
identify not just generic categories but also specific objects. DART can be
applied to identify basically anything, including monuments and artworks.

GetCOO Travel works worldwide indoor and outdoor. With a single travel app,
tourist can discover information about monuments and artworks simply by
shooting them a photo. A smarter, lighter and more scalable solution with
respect to dedicated apps, QR-codes and beacons.

Parole chiave

APP; image recognition; cultural heritage; DART; artificial intelligence

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