Una grande mappa per una piccola isola: il rilevamento delle isole Faroe

Eloise Mitchell


The Faroe Islands are a series of islands 300 kilometers North-West
of Scotland. The Faroes are part of Denmark and work with the Danish
authorities. They have a subpolar climate, and a population of 52,000
people. As the islands are developed and change with new buildings and
agriculture, the authorities need up-to-date maps of the islands. The
Umhvørvisstovan use Pix4Dmatic for large scale mapping on of the
land to maintain recent records.

They gathered over 2,000 images to survey 2.3 square kilometers. It was
a successful surveying project with an open-access orthomosaic as an

Parole chiave

Mappe; mappatura aerea; droni; fotogrammetria; ortofoto; software; dati

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.48258/geo.v25i2.1792


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