Dai robot ai servizi innovativi: SWAMP ASV e un nuovo paradigma per la robotica marina al CNR


  • Roberta Ferretti

Parole chiave:

robotica marina, AUV, ASV, monitoraggio ambientale, FAIR, DATA, Droni, servizi innovativi


The article talks about the use of autonomous robotic platforms for the
exploration and monitoring of critical marine environments. The National
Research Council, Institute of Marine Engineering of Genoa, has developed
a strong experience in this field and is moving towards a "service-oriented"
approach for their use in different critical environments. In this context, the
importance of environmental and robotic data is emphasized in the entire
research and development process. Acquiring, managing, analyzing, and
storing both the two macro categories of data in line with FAIR principles
allows to enrich their value and contribute to the global effort to observe
and protect the ocean.

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Ferretti, R. (2023). Dai robot ai servizi innovativi: SWAMP ASV e un nuovo paradigma per la robotica marina al CNR. GEOmedia, 27(1). Recuperato da https://ojs.mediageo.it/index.php/GEOmedia/article/view/1915